Friday, August 19, 2016

1972 Girls' Names

I decided to go back and group names from years available in the past by spelling. Why 1972? It was the year I was born (yes I'm old)!

Top Girls' Names of 1972

The 70s were not really a hotbed of alternate spellings, like today, so it took a lot less time than more recent years. The notable thing is that there seem to be a lot of typos. In previous decades, when more records were originally hand written and then transcribed into computers, it seems that mistakes were common. Names that seem to be errors are generally with the most common names. For example, I'm fairly certain that 21 girls in 1972 were not named "Jennife," and it was in fact a typo for the most common name that year, Jennifer.

Other names are not so obvious. For example, 11 girls got named "Jeffifer." Is this a typo, or a newly created name? Ditto for Jannifer and Janifer.

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