Monday, February 24, 2020

Kobe Bryant: a Legacy in Naming Trends

Kobe Bryant was an American basketball player who died in a helicopter crash on January 26, 2020. Even if you didn't follow basketball, you have probably heard of him-- he was a household name for a variety of reasons. Although Kobe Bryant's parents named after the city of Kobe in Japan, his name was pronounced /KO bee/ (not /KO bay/), and his name influenced naming trends for a generation.

NOTE: all name data is from the Social Security Administration database, which only reports names with 5 or more babies given in a year. So, there could have been 1-4 instances of a name in any given year a name does not appear in the database.

Bryant was drafted into the NBA in 1996, straight out of high school. This is unusual for a basketball players, as they are usually drafted out of college. As of 1996, the name Kobe had only shown up twice in the Social Security database, with 5 boys getting the name in 1989, and 9 in 1995. Before Kobe Bryant's rise to fame, Coby was the most popular spelling of the name, and it was considered to be a nickname for Jacob. Coby first appeared in the SSA Database in 1941. The first alternate spelling, Koby, did not appear until 1959. 1959 also added the variant, Jacoby. It's possible that Jacoby was pronounced /JACK uh bee/, perhaps influenced by the character of Lieutenant Jacoby in the television series Peter Gunn (1958-1961).

In the time period Coby was used pre-Kobe Bryant (1941-1995), the spelling Coby was overwhelmingly the most popular. Koby was the second most used, but usually was less than half as popular as Coby. The 1970s were a renaissance for alternate spellings of Coby. Kobi joined in 1970, Kobie appeared in 1971, Cobey in 1972, and Cobie in 1974. The last alternate spelling of the pre-Kobe Bryant era appeared in 1992, and was Cobi. The most popular year for the name Coby in that time period was 1995, with 350 babies given the name in total. Altogether, the number of boys named Coby and all variant spellings totaled 4707 in those 54 years, an average of about 87 babies per year given the name. In the years since Kobe Bryant was drafted into the NBA 1996-2018), the total number of boys named Kobe and variant spellings rose to 52,839 (an average of about 2402 babies per year).

In 1996, the name Kobe appeared seemingly out of the blue with 87 babies given the name (as opposed to 210 Cobys and 116 Kobys). In 1997, Kobe was the most popular spelling. In addition, that year, the spellings Cobe and Kobee were added.

The above statistics are just for boys given the name Kobe. Girls have also been sporadically given the name, starting with the spelling Kobi in 1958. The spelling Koby for girls didn't appear until 1976, and the only other spelling in the pre-Kobe Bryant era for girls was Kobie, which entered the database in 1978. Altogether, the number of girls named Kobi and all spellings from 1958-1995 totaled 212 (about 6 girls per year given the name on average). Since 1996, 1160 girls have been given the name (with added spellings Kobe and Kobee), an average of 53 per year.

The popularity of the name Kobe closely followed Kobe Bryant's career. In the late 1990s, when Bryant's career was on the rise, the name's popularity rose with it. However, after he was accused of rape in 2003, and subsequent trial and fall from grace in 2004, the popularity of the name plummeted. In this period, alternate spellings of Kobe briefly eclipsed the Kobe's popularity. Interestingly, with the crashing in popularity of Kobe, other forms of the name (most notably Jakobe) replaced Kobe's popularity in the SSA database.

Americans often like nicknamey-sounding names to be short for longer names (for example, once the name Brandy became popular for girls, a bunch of new names were coined, like Brandalina and Brandisha that could use Brandy as a nickname). Probably because of this phenomenon, a bunch of names that could use Kobe as a short form also gained popularity. Among these was Cobin, a name given to 9 boys between 1985 and 1994, Jakobe, Dekobe, Dakobe, Shakobe, Takobe, Jacobian, and Zakobe. The most notable of these is Jakobe. Jacoby was already addressed earlier, but Jakobe appeared in 1996, along with these alternate spellings not seen before: Jkobe, Jahkobe, Jakobee, Jakobey, Jakobie, Jekobe, and Jkobi (it is likely that Jkobe and Jkobi are J'Kobe and J'Kobi; the SSA database does not record diacritical marks, or any capital letters in the middle of names). Between 1959 and 1995, 3182 boys in the USA were given the name Jacoby or another form of the name (average: ~88 per year) [note: this figure includes Jacobe, which could be either a typo or an alternate form of Jacob, and not Jacoby]. Post-1996, 19,631 were given a form of Jacoby (average: 892/year).

As for Cobin, that was the only spelling to appear in the SSA database prior to 1996. After 1996, the spellings Koben, Kobin, Coben, Cobyn, and Kobyn were added. Altogether, post 1996, 590 boys were given some form of Cobin, which admittedly isn't a lot (the most this name was used was 2008 with 53 instances), but it still is a lot more than the pre-Kobe Bryant era, which saw a total of 9 uses over 9 years (I noted above that only names used 5 or more times are reported in the SSA database. Supposing the most number a name could be used without appearing in the database is 4, this still means only 36 babies could have been given the name between 1984-1995).

In short, famous people influence naming trends, and Kobe Bryant was one such person. It will be interesting to see if there is a rise in the name in 2020 in the months following Bryant's untimely death.

Monday, February 17, 2020

Trends for 2019

Here are a few names I noticed a rise in popularity for in 2019:


Middle names Blue/Blue, Joe and Dior (also James, but that has been going on for a while)

Cohen (spelled a variety of ways)
Quill (and things Quill can be short for, like Quillan, Quillian)

middle names Moon, Raine/Reign/Rayne/Rain

Name Roundup, 2019: Part 3

Statistics are a good indicator of how popular a name is, but it really tells you something looking at actual names of babies in birth announcements. Many communities publish the names of babies born in the local paper, which is where most of these names were culled from.

Here are some unusual names of babies from all over the USA born in 2019. No last names are included, just first and middle(s).

Here is Part 3:

(links to Part 1, Part 2)

GIRLS                                                             BOYS
Raeghan Zayda Denver Quentin Augustus
Rainalyn Claire Quill Xavier
Ramey Louise Quilleran Thomas
Ramzi Rae Quillon Rocco
Ranezmay Quintos Walter Wayne
Raven Zaraalex Racin Duane 
Raynbow Aurora-Jeanie Raelyn Isaiah-Lee
Reed Summer Raiden Charlesdale
Ren Lee Rakin Keith
Renesmeah Rose Rally
Renezmay Lizbeth-Rae Rambo Kane
Renn JuliaKay Ramzy Joseph
Reveille Hunter Randomly Eliah Avalon
Rhemmi Remy Kipp
Rion Kathryn Renton Benjamin
River Melody-Joy Revere Ryan
River Willow Dorothy Revin Ryan
Roenn Faye Ridge Steven
Rooks Ann Ristin Damar Charles
Rosealine River Rick
Roseann Lilith  Rohnan
Royal Evelyn Kathrine Roland Emil
Royalty LeAnn Rollin Paul
Rudi Nicole Roman Wilder
Ryelin James Ronin Orrin
Rylee Jentrie Rook Jacob
Ryleeann Roran
Sabriel Rorik Finley
Sadie Byrd  Rory Isadore
Saige Roisin Roscoe Wendell Haahewi
Salem Jo Ryatt Albert
Salem Renee Ryder Cruz
Salvation Grace Rye Toshi
Satine Ryett Ellison
Sawyer Wren Ryklan
Sayler Kelly Rylei Tate Schroder
Scarlytte Mia Ryot Reed
Scout-Justine Anna Lisa Sabyan Lee
Selah Maria Myrtle Sage Kestrel
Sevaye Honor Samari Josiah
Shaylenny's Samuel Evander
Shiloh Moon Savant Savion
Shirley Kae Sawyer Fritz
Sibella Wynter Reign Scout Barrett
Sivilya H. Scout John
Skiilyn Marie Seamus “Jamie” Rowan
Sky Mio Seneca Austin
Skyahlie Gabriella Shadrack D
Skylin Renee Sue Shep Serverus
Sofia Loveah-Rain Shiloh Micheal
Soli Monroe Sidne Superfly
Somiya Rayne Sigg Douglas
Sonora Louise Sire Paul
Sophia Suede Solomon Eugene Thaddeous
Sophina Michelle Sonny Ray
Spencer Jolene Stark Foster
Steeley Grey Storm Lennon
Strong Stowe William
Sunnie Hazel Sully Svoma
Sutton Jacksen Summit Harleigh
Swayzi Ryan Sutton August
Sylvia Celestine Sven Todd Joseph
Takira Praise Sylvan Robert Duane
Taverly Syres Lee
Teola Dawn Lynnae Tadd Warren
Tessley Margaret  Tahlen
Thaydyn Ann Marie Tate Theran
Thiadora Alice Tatum Cash
Thira Malisha Ashay Tavish Lee
Tillie Jo Tayden Danie
Tirzah Esther Tex Thomas
Titania Rose Theodore Napoleon
Tommi Joy Theodore Odysseus
Tova Eleanor Theryn James
Townsley Thielen Jay
Tristyn Larie Thielyn Jensen
Tylyne M. (parents Tyson and Evelyene) Titus Matthew
Ulrike Arya Toby Kelly
Unique Roze Tollef Nils
Vada Aveline Belle Tommy Loran
Vale Torrance Strode
Veda Gene Treestar Hoheke
Vera Best Treycen Arvin
Vienna Rose Truet James
Viola Grace Tuff Charles
Violet Betty Tyde Robert
Vivvi Sage Tyten Fisher
Vylet Sarah Tyton Stone
Waverly Daniella Tytus Thylee
Whitley Kay Uriah James-Paul
Whitney England  Varrick Karl
Willow Seeley Versai Zakiyy
Winona Ainsley Walter Melvin
Winslow Ann Warren Ellis
Wrigley Evelyn-Ann Waylon Nelson
Wynefred Lynn Wealon William
X'Amira Tereese Welker Brennan
Xena Love Weslynn Robert
Xzyra Bella Whitaker Daniel
Yara Witten Boone
Zaelynn Erminia Wolf-Adam
Zelie Marie Wylie Bronc
Zenna Wylie Jack Stone
Zeonna Dior Liza Wynn Marion
Zephyr Adelaide Theresa X-Ander Charles
Zhavia Ivy Xayan Hosea
Zylee Ray Ya'myis Sydney
Zyrena Serenity Zachariah Turian
Zyska Za'Han John
Zaxon David
Zaxton Michael Arvil
Zaydrain Carter
Zaydrion Lee Austin 
Zaylinei Na-Dash
Zeke Taelyr
Zephania M.
Zephyr Issac
Zyler Nixon

Name Roundup, 2019: part 2

Statistics are a good indicator of how popular a name is, but it really tells you something looking at actual names of babies in birth announcements. Many communities publish the names of babies born in the local paper, which is where most of these names were culled from.

Here are some unusual names of babies from all over the USA born in 2019. No last names are included, just first and middle(s).

Here is Part 2:
(Links to Part 1 and Part 3

GIRLS                                                             BOYS
Galilee Dianne Easton Dow
Genesis Genevieve Edison Jace
Genevie June Edwin Kyl
Giselle Gia Naomi Eli Rex
Goldie Dean Elldric James-Wild
Gray Marie Elzay Blake
Graylynn Sophia Emerich Royal
Greta June Emersynn Sylvester William
Gretta Therese Enzo Haze
Guinevere Marie Kuuleialohilani Erickson Kent
Gwenaviere Kathryn Errick Juakeen (mom is JuaKeena)
Gwendolyn Moira Esky
Hadley Ingrid Esper Wolf
Hadllee Ryn Espn John-Elliot
Haee'lyn Denise Curry  Everhett Andrew
Haevyn R. Felix Tucker
Haizlee Sutton Finley Germaine
Halle Bethel Fisher Waylon
Harbor Ann Fitzwilliam
Harlow Gwen Fletcher Danger
Harmony Doris Flint Merwyn
Harper Greyl Flynn Kerry
Hattie June Forbin Jason
Havilynd Rae Forest Javaris
Hazlee Thea Sue Francis Warren
Hazley Amore Fulton
Heiress Gweneth Unique Gannon Laine
Henacy Mercedes-Ann Garth
Hendrix Wynn Gatlin Kent
Hosanna Jeanne Gehrig Ryce
Hudsyn Elaine Gennedy Elias
Huntley Savannah Getzemany
Huxlie Jean Ghatlyn John
Icelynn Mable Josephine  Gibbs
Idamay Gideon Kade
Ihla Jean Giovanni Jhossy
Ilyza Graceon
Imaeh Annberly Graeme Matthijs 
Imanni Tapri Grainger Ridge
Indie James Grandon Tylor
Indigo Rae Graysen Jaysean
Ingrid Morene Grey'syn Justin
Irelynd Vale Griffin Speed
Irina Iroh Sade Gunner Creed
Iva June Guy Erien
Ivory Elsie Elizabeth Hank Michael
Izzabell Jaide Harper Collins
Jacobi Bonita Janice Harvey James 
Jah'Zyrah C. Hawkins
Janet Ruby Renee Hayes Granger
Jasolyn Lacey Jade Hayes Merlin
Jazlynn Murphy Hayzen Robert Lee
Jazreel Niishiime Jo Herschel Fredrick Brandt
Jemima May  Hezekiah Isaac
Jemini Holdyn Lane
Jer Faye Hollin Richard
Jeslyn Jynette Holton Irvin
Jessalyn Druscilla Hoyt Benjamin
Jette Huksley
Jhosselyn Marina Huxley Kolt Reese
Jinova Candace Natshmi Huxlonn Allen
Jo Rain Lynn Hyde Lucas
Johnna Ayanna Jo Ivan Rockford
Jolene Jamie Iver Hatchel
Joplin Amilia Jabez Nicholas
Josie Moraine Jack Grzzly
Josie Rhett Jah'Shua Xavion
Joslynn Chase Jameson Bow
Journey Jace Jasper Rain
Journey Rose Onnalisa Jate Forrest
Jovee Jean Jax Lee
Jrew Paige Jay Jay Cosmo
Jubilee Viola Jaysik Robert
Judy Christine Jehmias Orin Michael
June Agnes Jentry Legend
June Holland Jericho Dio 
Juno Linnea Jetison Edward
Jupiter Marie Jettlee
Kae'Lahni Janae Ariah Joran David
Kaelyana Bella Jordy Ryan
Kaeonna Joe-Lee Josiah Void
Kallen Grace Joyner Lee
Kallii Lyric Jude Felix James
Kandee Lynne Judge Douglas Vernon
Kasima Estelle Judson Kade
Katana Meadow Judson Luke
Kehlani Athena Kadryn
Kendzly Rayne Kahlan Asriel
Kexlie Grace Kaire Joseph
Kezlee Kaiser Jeffrey
Khaleecy Kaisley Ansil Karson
Khalie Ka’Maree Kalibur Steven
Kimber Cheyenne Kamrien Ross
Kimbria Ryann Kannon Cruz
Kingsly Kay Karland Bernard
Kirklyn J Kartsen Thomas
Knoxlee Laine Kassins Anthony
Knoxlynn Brenae Kast David
Kodee Charlotte Keaton Curtis
Korra Valetta Keithan James
Krymson Rogue Keller Nash
Kynnidi Kelton Joel
Kyrie Patricia Kepler Douglas
Lana Rosemarie Khaylan Avery
Landry Oaks Khoidyn Riley
LaTori Ellen Justine  Killian Graves
LayLynn Gileen King Jerome 
Leman Violet King Kurt Nathaniel
Lena Charis King-Clevon Khalil
Leola Ann Kingston Everett
Leona Sapphire  Kipp Andrew
Leonah Frances Kloud Terry Otis
Lettie Kae Kobe Brian
Levi Alice Koda Bear
Liberty Jewel Kohen Mikael
Libyan Nicole Kohl Carmine
Liley Tossie E Kolson Alelynn Shayde
Lita Summer Rain Kordelle John
LittleJune Bui Kraven Randall DeWayne
Lois Abrielle Kuper Mitchell
Lorelei Luci Kylo Rhett
Lorelli Janelle Kysen Lee
Lottie Renae Kyser Alexsander 
Louella Rae Laiken Michael
Loughan Brynn Landry Allen
Louise Mavis Langdon Elliot
Lula Kay Laszlo Valentine
Lulu Evangeline Lawson Arlis
Luna Love Ledger Reign
Lupin Leighton Norman Kaden
Luxley Danielle Lennox Maven Timothy
Mackenzie Corace Lennox Otaktay
Madaleigh Ranee Leovanni Gabriel
Maddox Lynn Leviticus Everett
Maelea Briar Jo Lewie Z
Maeve Hensley Link Benjamin
Maggie Gentile Locksley Verlyn
Magnolia Mane Logan Xavier
Maizy SueAnn Lon Joseph
Maren Rae Lowan Damon
Maris Katelyn Lowell Anthony
Marmarie Jean Lyght Robert
Masyn Ina LynnLee Scott Isaac
MattyLynn Patricia Lyrixs Joseph
Mavey Renee Mack Gene
Maysin Cynthia Magnus Denton
Mazlee Major Rico
McAcy J Malachi Elyot
McKay Jane Malakai Nelson
McKelle Leigh Malec David
Meabh Frances Marcus Dubai
Meadow Serene  Marshall Dillon
Meela Jacklynn Matdax
Memphis Mateo Kulani
Merida Adeline Mathias Azekiel
Merritt Owence Matthias Howard
Merry Hope Mattix Jeffrey
Mesa Kristine Mavryck Paul
Mila N'Assynce Love Maxden Terry
Mila Scottlyn Maximus Tiberius
Mindy Sue Memphis Allan
Minne Eleanore Memphis Gordon
Miriam Priscilla Michael Athanasius
Moira Eileen Miller King
Moira Mitz Mnason Daniel
Montinae Grace Monty Jameson
Murphy Berta Mycki
Mylah Jordith Nailani Myavery
Nella Rose Marie Nakoa Forest
Nellie Dream Nearan Chauncey
Neomi Ann Nero Ronald Thomas
Neyteri Skye Newton Gehrig
Nirvana Diane Nixen Lee
Novaleigh Sonia-Beth Nyx Auryn
Novalleen Oaken James
Oaklei Eloise Oakley Eugene Erwin
Oaklyn Rhodes Oaklyn Beau
Oaklynn Scout Odin Xander
Oalhley Rose Odyn Thomas
Octavia Raine Ole Ivan
Octivia Anne Marie Oliver Linden Ikaika
October Jean Onyx Grey
Olive Maxine Orion Russell
Olive Minerva Otto Douglas
Onnalee Ozzy James-Dewayne
Opal Betty Pax Vobis
Ozella Agnes Percy Alexander
Peach Lily Perrin Jordan
Penelope Haze Phineas Jon
Petie Lou Phoenix Cruze
Pippa Jane Phoenix-John Neslon
Preslee Britlin Pierce Paul
Psalm Nafuna Pius Joseph
Quinndy Grace Prince Collins
Quinnley Marlene  Prince Xavier

Name Roundup: 2019, part 1

Statistics are a good indicator of how popular a name is, but it really tells you something looking at actual names of babies in birth announcements. Many communities publish the names of babies born in the local paper, which is where most of these names were culled from.

Here are some unusual names of babies from all over the USA born in 2019. No last names are included, just first and middle(s).

Because there were so many last year that I found, here's the first installment!
(part 2 is here, Part 3 is here)

A’Nyla Dior Abram Willis
Aaralynn Shirley Abreann Ray Anthony
Ada-Belle Antoinette Acelan James
AddiMae Jane Achilles Maxwell
Adura Gabrielle Ann Adalai Harden-Irving
Aevary Rose Adonis Kai
Affinity Grace Aero Javion
Afton Elizabeth Ajay Leandrew
Agapia Alaeric
Ahlani Kapri Alafair
Ah'Lanii Dior Alden Arthur Vincent
Ahriyah Alijah Zamari Melvin
Ahvie Linlee Alikxander Kal-El
Ailie Luella Amadeo Jaymes
Aislyn Darlene Amari Cyan
Aliya Valentina Bear Ambrose Eugene 
Allegra Bradamante Andreas Ali Vermaine
Allynie Louise Anson Newswanger
Alvah Apollo Justice
Alyviah Hunter Nails Apollo Theodore Charles
Amariana Ty-Lina Aragon
Amazikeen Allison Michelle Arkadyus R.
Amethyst Rose Arn
Amity Edith Arrow Orion
Andilyn Elizabeth Arthur Clyde
Annahlisa Joy Asher Maric
Annaysline Mari Atticus Boone
Antoinette Saoirse Jade August Lloyd
Arabeth W. Aven Dalynn
Aries June Axel Green
Aries Raine Axtyn
AriLynn Eileen Aydrick
Armani Alize A'zavion Marquee
Artemis Lynn Azdon Tyler
Ashden Ann Azmeir Rythemly
Ashleen Harshall Banks Wilder
Athelia Ainsley Brooke Baron Randall
Athena Laree (sister Davina) Bauer Garth
Atley Harper Bear Lawrence
Avalene Juliette Beckett Logan
Avalon Quinn Beckham Francis Mead
Averliee Benjermen
Aveyah Azriel Bennett Bud
Avniel AnnMaria Bentrix
Azaria Roselynn Blaize Keaton Royce
Azealia Fern Blayke Troian
Azlea Lenyx Bo Calvin
Bailynn Eloise Sage Bodhi Kaius
Bellamie Rayne Bodie Banyan
Belvia Kenya Bond Dante
Benna Aceveda Boone Reagan
Berkley Emalyn Boromir Michael-Hays
Birdie Bowie Burton
Brae’Lyel Marie-Paris Bowyn Lynn-Gunnar
Breezlee Jo  Boyd Roan
Briar Linda  Bozeman Douglas
Brittin Rae Brade Edward
Brixtyn Rae Brasken Kobain
Brookston CarolAnn Braven Lux
Brynlee Dove Brayzen Braax
Byntlee Sue-Anne Breslin Duane
Cabella Mae Breuer Patrick
Caige Elliette Brexton Harold
Caiista Lyn Briar Knox
Caliah Milani Dior Bridger Curtis
Callie Yzma Bridger Lynn
Calliope Rose Brixton Gene
Camara AnnaLise Broly Joseph
Camdyn Avert Lyn Brom Dean
Careli Nicole Bronx Oconner
Carina Astrid Brooks Clair
Caroline Joe Bruin Matthew
Cayenne Charlie Cable Hades Alexander
Ceci Marie Cade Rhyn
Cecilie Ruth Calder Muir
Celeste Enid Caleb Dac
Celeste Shelley Caliber Cecil Lee
Celia Rose Callahan James
Chandler Juliette Callum Wayne Alan
Charli Amethyst Camdem Arthur Jace
Charlie Joe Camryn-Jaxx Devon
Chevelle Judith Canaan Ezra
Chrystobel Alice Cannon Boone
Chyles Lane Capp Gregory
Clarabelle Carsenn Roye
Copper Lynn Cash Bonn
Coralie Poppy Caspian Easton Blade
Coralou Ryan Castiel Martin
Coryn Lynn Chandler Blu
Daelynn Marie Chantz Franklin
Dahlia James Chase Adonis
Dally Sue  Clarkson Vaj Yis Tsua
Dawsyn Esther Clavin Rick
DelyliahRey Rose Clay Clyde
Destinee Annlouise Clyde Thomas
Devonny Lorna Colt Bucky
Diane Cordilea Memory Conagher Logan
Diem Nichole Conlin Riley
Doris Jean Conway Martin
Drew Grace Cooper Anderson
Driana Michelle Cordaress R.
Ecko Janelle Cormac Edward
Egypt Cort Homer
Elara Nina Coy Asher
Ellijah Maple Craig Richard-Thunder
Ellis Catherine Creed James
Ellyson Jolee Crimson Jason
Eloise Freelyn Croix Nash
Elsa Wilder Crosby Milton
Emerly Cru Michael Allen
Emmeline Eileen Dane Matthias
Emogene Ann Dash Alexander
Emzara Michelle Rae Dashten Vance
Enid Mae Dawson Red
Ensley Sway Daxton Kyizon
Esme Gisele Daziona Allen
Eternity Joyella Decker Jerome
Etta Geraldine Deegan William
Evabella Marilyn Raine Deklan Koah Vaughn
Evenee Mae Dempsey Nash
Eyra Carilyn Desmond Wayland
Ezamae Dion Laroyce
Ezery Rue Divine
Ezlyn Duffy Dodge Robert
Faelynn Dominic Jude
Fisher Patrice Donal Eugene
Frankie Glenn Donn LePrince
Frayah Lynn Dorian Sage
Freedom Faith Patricia Draco Thomas
Freyja Jude Dredyn Dean
Freyja Mairida Dresden Alexander

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

2018 Top 4000 in England and Wales

I have compiled the list of top names for England and Wales for 2018. The Data is from the UK Office of National Statistics.

The full lists, grouped by spellings here:

2018 Girls: England and Wales
2018 Boys: England and Wales

This year I did something a little different. The current trend, especially for girls, is to give hyphenated names. So, in addition to the regular list, there is an additional worksheet (click on the tabs at the bottom) that groups hyphenated names together with their primary name. For example, the statistical count for Lily would also include Lily-Rose, Lily-Mae, Lily-Jane etc. For boys, Bobby would also include Bobby-Joe, Bobby-Jack etc.

Grouping names together like this doesn't change the top 10 all that much, but it does give names a boost that are less popular. For example, the name Billie for girls, without double-name inclusion ranks at #345. When you include Billie-Rose, Billie-Rae, Billie-Jo etc., its rank climbs to #288.

Monday, July 22, 2019

More Unusual Names from 2018

Name nerds like to peruse lists of names. It's a proven fact! Here is a list of unusual names of babies born in the USA in (mostly) 2018 (there may be a few from a couple of years before that, or early 2019). These names were culled from online birth announcements from all around the country. Last names are not included.

Aabriella Dorothy
A’King Eli
Aaris Evelyn
Ace Duane 
Aida Sue
Achillies Milo
Alma Betty
Adler Benjamin
Alma Debra
Aerick Leon
Amalia Margot
Allister Fox
Amaria Dixie Artis
Alyais Wayne
Analeigh Vondean
Amari Mathews Raiden
Ariel Goldie
Ansel Birk
Aryia Arlene Rosalynn 
Arlin Jon
Athena Terese Ortiz
Arlo Mazer
Austyn Ellen
Atlas Camon
Avalynne Aaryn
Augustus Ivan
Aviya Raziel
Austin Jade-Rae
Aybilene Jane
Averix Jacob Ray
Bernadette Dakota
Avery Kipp
Bexley Diane
Avian Wilmer
Blakely Denette
Axel Slade
Blythe Aurora
Barrington Gaines
Bowie Eileen
Baylor Hayes
Brighton Resse
Bellamy Nieko Storm
Brystal Rosalee Maelynn
Bennett Hugo
Caisley Lynn
Benson Pierce
Capella Evelyn
Benton Ridge
Carmen Jewel
Bishop Kyle
Cassia Ruth
Bjorn Heath
Chanslee Le’Ann
Bowen Abbot
Charity Jane
Brahms Jo
Charlie Joe
Brezden Ole
Charlie’Ann James
Briggs Archer
Chevelle Charlee
Bristol Lane
Chrystal Moon
Brock Emmitt
Collins Pamela
Brotey Anthony (parents are Brenda & Cotey)
Constance Rose 
Burk Rich
Copeland Waverly Marie
Caeian John
Cora Loudelle
Callan Montgomery
Coraline Violet
Cannon Jaxon
Cova Mae
Caspen Oliver
Cricket Elise
Cassian Deckard
D`Laney Ellen
Cedar Jame
Dahlia Devon (bro De'Lorean and sis Dion) Chaney Maverick
Damoni Ja'Niyla D'Mazi
Chatham Kenneth
Dani California
Clyde Cooper
Debra Jessica
Collin Corby
Delilah Adsila
Colsin Wilder
Demin Jane
Conley Donald
Destinee Vitula
Cortez Steven
Deveah Isabella
Cota Zade
Devonny Lorna
Daelen Carl
Dream Alexander
Dak Daniel
Echo Rain
Daklin Wade
Ellenova Rose
Damascus Thorne
Emmie Ivly
Damon Quill
Emyrson Antoinette
Dansby Lorne
Erabelle Renee
Dax Coan
Ezlyn Raine
Deaghlan Daniel Arlen
Fathom Mae
Decker Kane
Gemini Lily
Delynn Semaj
Ginevra Anna Miriam
Demitri Atticus-Lee
Goldie Louise
Dexter Terry
Gwyneth Dru
Diesel Ray
Harmani Lanae
Duke Jacob
Harmony Marie Antoinette
Henley James
Dy’zere Rontrell
Holden Ann
Easton Corant 
Hudson Augusta
Emeryk John
Indie Palmer
Emory Judah
Iscely Reign
Epictetus Aquila
Ja`Lakyn Armoni
Ernest Kenneth
Ero Fisher
Jaynn Kember Lee
Ever Allen Joseph
Jazanae Jemini
Ezra Ambrose 
Jinova Candace Natshmi
Fennec Scott
Juniper Wren
Finnegan Loxley
Kadyn Imya
Fitzberger Robbins
Karleelynn Faith
Flint Allen
Kasenna Raymes
Gannon Aaron
Keladry Pearl 
Gatlin Joseph
Keltah Etolin
Grey Miro
Khalees Lavaye
Hank Louis
Khiloh Brynn
Harlem Jamin
Kimber Irene
Harrison Buelow
KinlLeigh Raigen
Kinzington Grace
Hayes Merlin
Kori Brielle
Hayne Michael
Koribella Ann Rose
Hazence Dean
Kova Jae
Heisman Allen
Laeklie Finn
Hollis Brooks
Laurel Adriel
Huxley Jimmie-Joe
Laytan Kate
Israel Joseph Malaki 
Leeann Yvette
Jackson Jesse
Lettie Marie
Jamanson Philip
Liesel Violet
Janeth William
Lilith Persephone Odette
Jarick De’lyn Wayne
Lolabelle Gray
Jelani Makai
Lorenza Felix Matias
Jensen Michael Fate
Lucia Prudence
Jeremih Ahmir
Lupine June
Jeriah Floyd
MaDonna Davla
Joah Amir
Makensli ReĆ­
John Maxim Cincinnatus
Mamie Delilah
Jordy Craig
Maxine Vivian
Josiyah Victorious
Mazikeen Li-Raine
Journey Liam-James
Mildred Claire
Minerva Joy
Judah Emmaus
MonRoe Gene 
Julian Randolph
Natalie Saralyse Maddox
Justus Knox
Nealee Ann
Kai Rey
Nic'Kynzie Jae
Kamarian Ny`Mir'
Nola Pearl
Kasen Del
Kashton Nikolas Lee
November Grace
Kaysen Ledgen
O’riana Kailee
Keaton Grover
Oaklin Gloria
Kenlin Drew
Olive Price
Kenlyn James
Olivette Louise
Kenton Jake
Ona Jewell
Keyton Irish
Opal MaryAnn
Kingston Osiris Alexander
Parker Jolee
Kinzer Jay
Payln Rae
Knightwolf Lyle
Presleigh Jagger
Kohah Quentin
Quinlan Aurora 
Kohen Michael Tozer
Radiance Paj Lug 
Krew D.J.
Ramona Odessa Ann Denari
Kyrie Jream
Ramsey Kate
Lachlan Ollivander
Reagan Ophelia
Lain Victor
Remedy Sky
Landis Neil
Remington Juliette
Lathan Kelly
Rheagan Danyla
Layten Joseph
Rheign Syni Alisse
Lenox Joseph
Roni Mae
Leonidas Joseph
Rowyn Esra Anne
Levi Leroy
Roxa Mary Ann
Lincoln Patrick Tyberious
Roxlynn Paige
Linus Siegfried
Sa’Maira Noelle Loko’Lucille
Logan Wolfgang
Sabrie Jesslynn
London Martize
Salem Alexandria
Loran Douglas
Sarran J.
Loyal Abram
Sayuri Ivy
Ludo Alexander
Scarlytt Rynae
Lux Conrad
ShaeLynn Juleigh
Malakai Rhoan
Sharnel Annie
Maliki Blade
Sheila Loraine
Mars Itachi Mancilla
Shyla Jaden (sister Skyla)
Mathias Adonis
Si'nia Adriana
Maynard James Keenan
Sonny Wylder
McCoy Wright
Sunile Yao
Mickey Love
Sunny Adele
Montgomery Scott
Susan Stacy
Moxen James
Sybil Sadie
Murphy Bernard
Syderra Skye
Nasir Khorie Isaac
Symphony Ann Kahealani (sisters Melody and Harmony) Navy Layne
Taina Lareina
Nicodemus Austin
Talitha Bethel
Ocean Bishop Wallace
Tally Lynn
Odin Jay
Taytum Adonna
Orien Alister
Tovah Rose
Orion Riv
Townsend Fitzgerald
Owain Jon
Truleigh Mae
Piers Michael
Violet Azalea
Porter Lynn
Waverleigh Anne
Presley Ivan
Zabrina Eliza Rose
Quealvin Maurice
Zaylee Rae
Quentin Theodore
Zelda Jean
Quill Logan
Zelie Marie
Quincy Raul
Zhavia Caroline
Quinn Toler
Ziniya M’Kaela
Quintyn Gable Bleck
Zsofya Grace Maxine
Raiden Dexter

Raydyn Kenyatta

Reagan Wilson

Redding Mack

Rhyden Valor

Robert Mantle Patten

Ronin Jett

Ronsen Michael

Rorke Kyle

Roscoe Ray Glenn Sarabia

Rourke Patrick Harold 

Roy Augustus

Sterling Hayes

Stetson Scott

Taran Preston

Tarico LaShaun

Taylin Malhai

Teddy Boone

Teixeira Franklin LaVern

Terrin Bradley

Thaddeus Micha

Theo Ignatius

Theren Lawson

Tidus Xander

Torsten Scott

Traiden Thomas

Traver Daniel

Tucker Terry

Waelen Shane

Wailyen Ryan Koribyn

Wake Henson

Wakeman Cole

Warner Banks

Warrick Michael Wayne

Watson Mark

Wells Southern

Wilbur Devon

Zayek Lee

Koa John & Keen Daniel (boys)
Magan Starr and Madison Starr (girls)
Derek Hunter & Dexter Aethemerris (boys)