Saturday, May 17, 2008

Mary Was a Grand Old Name

Mary was the most popular name from about 1880 (when the Social Security Administration began) through the early 1960s. It began a slow decline in the early 60s and picked up declining speed until this year, when Mary finally dropped out of the top 100. For at least 120 years (and most likely more, even though there aren't the records to verify it), Mary has reigned supreme, but last year it fell to 109, just slightly more popular than Aniya, Reagan and Kennedy and slightly less popular than Autumn, Paige and Molly (itself an older pet form of Mary).

Not forgotten, though, other forms of Mary, such as Maria and Mariah are still hanging on at 74 and 88 respectively.

Besides the ones above, the top 700 also has these other forms of Mary: Marissa (#128), Mariana (#164), Marisol (#151), Mariam (#169), Miriam (#271), Marilyn (#407), Maren (#410), Maritza (#413), Marie (#425), Mayra (#494), Mara (#517), Mariela (#531), Maribel (#588), and Maryjane (#592). Plus, according to my non-scientific Middle Name Survey, Marie has been the most popular middle name for girls for at least 50 years and remains so today.


Anonymous said...

Umm, Mary is 93 in the US. Where are you getting your information?

Scooter said...

from grouping common spellings together.