Friday, May 19, 2017

2016 Top Names for Boys in the USA

 Here are the Top 2016 names for boys, grouped by spelling. SPOILERS: Jackson once again takes 1st place, with Aiden a distant second. Highlights coming soon; I (or rather, my bf Chris Korda) have been working on a computer algorithm that will correlate all this data for me, and we are still working out the kinks!

2016 Top Names for Boys in the USA

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Julie Vander Pol - Remembered Moments said...

I think there is something up with the boys list?

for example-look at line 5894. it goes from names with only 5 namings that are ranked 598 (on line 5893) to a name with 213 ranked 900?!?!

the reason I noticed is Percival/Percy. Percival is ranked 891 but has only 12 namings. Percy is ranked 2051 but has 46 namings?!?! someone please help me out-I am so confused. I have used this list numerous times with other kiddos (different years obviously) and never noticed this oddity. please explain :/

I also noticed on line 867 it goes from names with 230 namings to names with 36....

and then like like 3200-3212 there are a bunch of names all 'out of order' again with random numbers of namings but all ranked 'low'.

please let me know. thanks!