Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Top 7000 of 2014: BOYS

The top 7000 names from 2014 for boys is finally here, grouped by spelling! For the first time since 2006, Aiden is no longer #1! This year, it has been replaced by Jackson. Jackson has been popular for a while, but it sudden rush to popularity might have been helped by the character of Jackson Teller on the tv show Sons of Anarchy, who is called Jax. 15 of the 22 spellings of Jackson contain the letter "x", the name Jax itself is gaining in popularity, and a newcomer, Jaxton, is also rising in rank. Meanwhile, plain old Jack is slowly losing popularity.

If you missed the top 7000 Girls' names, find them here.


casey said...

I'm getting a message that "Options to download, print and copy have been disabled on this file" for the girls' list. I promise I'm not trying to repost it as my own, I just use your lists to help me see which names fit my rules and compare to previous years.

Honey Bee Central said...

Me too. I would appreciate being able to copy and add to my analysis sheet as well. I always give you create for any information I share with others.