Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Game Wins the Name Game

Jayceon. Do you know anyone named Jayceon? Probably not, because before 2005, fewer than 5 people a year were given this name. In 2005, Jayceon Terrell Taylor (b. 1979) aka The Game came onto the hip hop scene. That year, 48 boys were given the name. The name remained quietly in use until 2013, when 1838 boys and 10 girls were named Jayceon. In 2013, the girls also got two feminine versions of the name: Jayceona (given to 13 girls) and Jayceonna (given to 9 girls), as well as Jacionna (7), Jayciana (7), and Jasiana (5). (Jaciana was in there too, with 8 namesakes. Jaciana and Jacianna had been showing in the Social Security database sparingly up since 2002, and Jasianna had 5 namesakes in 2002)

In 2013, boys got 32 spelling variations (up from six in 2012): 

Jaycion (150), Jaceon (145), Jaceyon (89), Jaiceon (80), Jacion (71), Jceon (50), Jaeceon (39), Jaceion (37), Jayceion (37), Jaecion (23), Jcion (23), Jaicion (17), Jayseon (17), Jaysion (16), Jasion (12), Jaycean (12), Jaiceion (11), Jacieon (10), Jceion (10), Jayceeon (9), Jaseon (7), Jaycieon (7), Jaycian (7), Jacyon (7). Jaecyon (6), Jayceyon (6), Jaysian (6), Jaiseon (5), Jaciyon (5), Jcyon (5), Jeyceon (5)

So, all spellings combined, Jayceon increased from 248 boys given the name in 2012 to 2771 in 2013! Rank-wise, it went from #793 in 2012 to #158.  For girls, it went from 0 to 10, and its newly created feminine versions (Jayceona, Jayceonna, Jayciana, and Jacionna) went from 0 to 41! (Jaciana, which had been used before, probably as a variant of Jacie, had last been seen in 2008). 

ADDENDUM: upon perusing the boys' list longer, I've found another relevant newcomer: the name Ajayceon (8 of them)-- Jayceon is popular enough to get a variant!

So, the Game wins Most Influential Person in Naming for 2013!


Anonymous said...

Interesting. Before, it seemed like that name popped out of nowhere.

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