Monday, May 19, 2014

This time of the year again!

The Social Security Administration released its top names for 2013! I have been working tirelessly to arrange them by spelling. Every year that I do this has its own unique challenges, or maybe every year I get hung up on one name. This year I have noticed that the name Journey has gotten a slight boost in popularity for girls. It now has 21 spellings: 

Journey 950, Journee 587, Jurnee 283, Journi 126, Journie 112, Journei 87, Journii 20, Jernee 19, Jurni 18, Jurnie 17, Jerney 17, Jurney 16, Journe 10, Journiee 9, Jernie 9, Jerni 8, Jurnei 6, Journye 5, Jernei 5, Jurnii 5, and Jhournee 5

Also, the name Arabella/Arabelle has gotten a lot of new spellings as well as a popularity boost. This may be due to a baby Arabella on the tv series Teen Mom 3, as well as influence from Ivanka Trump's naming a baby Arabella in 2011. 

More to come as I get further down the list!


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see the lists!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for making this list! I love it and really appreciate the work you put into these.