Tuesday, April 02, 2013


Virtue names are nothing new. The Puritans were into all sorts of names like Prudence, Charity, Hope, Deliverance, Obedience, Fear. Some of them we still use today! Though the name Honesty was used by the Puritans, it didn't show up in any record numbers in the USA until 1975. Unlike Faith and Hope, Honesty has never enjoyed much popularity... until recent years. Since the 1990s the name has steadily been growing in popularity. However, not content with simply honesty, people seem to like U-neeq spellings of it. Here are the top spellings so far:

Honesty 2155
Honesti 275
Onesty 86
Honestee 66
Onesti 49
Ahnesti 37
Honestie 34
Ahnesty 32
Ahonesty 21
Honestii 13
Ahonesti 12
Ahnisty 6
Anesti 5
Anesty 5

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Dana said...

Honesty is such a lonely word...