Monday, November 12, 2012

top Boys' names in England and Wales, 2011

Almost in time for 2013, here's the list of the

top 3200 names for boys in England and Wales for 2011!

In case you missed it, I also posted a Girls' List.

These are grouped by spelling, but not by double name. Double names (i.e., Lily-Rose, Billy-Ray etc.) seem to be fairly popular in the UK these days, and someday I want to group them all by first name. For example, someone named Lily-Mae is still named Lily, right? However, I didn't do that this time because, well, I can see it both ways. Maisie-Mae may be considered a totally different name from just plain Maisie (even though Maisie's middle name may or may not be Mae.)

I obviously think about this stuff way too much. Anyway, enjoy.

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