Sunday, November 23, 2008

Baby Name Generators

Here are a couple of name generators I've found out there:

Emo baby Name Generator

Celebrity Baby Name Generator

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Athena Moore said...

I recently found I have a Grandson that will be 2 in july! Yeah!Anywho,my Daughter calls me g.m in spanish to him, I tell him I'm Ya Ya in Greek, I'm Greek, My kids are a mix of Greek, German,Black and Hispanic [P.R.], so I've always spoke all 3 languages to them, it was natural for me. My Daughter called MY Mom BEBAH??!! Not like she couldn't say Grandmother, she could speak very well at 1 and a half, trust me TOO GOOD!! So,we haven't quite decided what my ONLY Grandson YET!, But I'm swaying towards YA YA myself!! lol!!