Sunday, July 13, 2008

Celebrity baby Name Mania

Lots of famous people have been reproducing lately, and as is the trend for their peer group, they've been using some interesting names.

Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban have a daughter named Sunday Rose Kidman Urban

Everyone's favorite super couple, Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt had twins: Knox Leon and Vivienne Marceline. Marceline is Angelina's mother's name, but Knox? I guess there are a limited number of boys' names ending in X (like her other two, Maddox & Pax) out there! Who's next? Felix and Phoenix?

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Florence Erlenmeyer said...

They said that Vivienne Marchelline is named after Jolie's mother. And Knox is a family name for Brad Pitt. Shiloh is the name Jolie's parents chose for the baby they lost. So it looks like they're giving family names to the biological children, and whatever strikes their fancy for the adopted children.